Elizabeth Esposito, RMT

Esposito Massage is owned and operated by Elizabeth Esposito, an experienced and licensed Registered Massage Therapist who is a member of the Massage Therapy Association of BC (MTABC) and the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC).

Elizabeth has been practicing massage therapy since 2007. Originally practicing in Toronto and Yellowknife, she now practices in British Columbia, treating clients primarily in the Port Moody area.

She graduated from Centennial College’s Massage Therapy Program, and has continued her interest in holistic therapy and has earned additional training in acupuncture from McMaster University’s Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program in Ontario. She also obtained a Bachelor’s of Health Sciences from Thompson River’s University.

Elizabeth also enjoys her time teaching in the massage therapy program at Vancouver Career College.

Elizabeth has treated a wide range of individuals. She has worked with the elderly, bi- and paraplegics, and provides treatments for headaches and TMJ dysfunction. In addition, she has experience working with students, infants and pregnant women, as well as in senior and palliative care. She has a passion for working with individuals post surgically.

Elizabeth has also provided massage treatments and injury prevention & recovery to:

  • members of the Canadian Water Polo team
  • members of the Vancouver Police force, and RCMP
  • members of the Canadian National Ski team
  • members of the Toronto Argonauts football team
  • members of the Japan International Rugby team
  • competitive swimmers, tri-athletes, hockey and soccer players
  • post-surgical patients

Jonathan Oaing, RMT

Jonathan is passionate about his work and enjoys working with and educating his patients. His focus is to expedite the patient’s healing process to alleviate their pain.

Originally from the Philippines, Jonathan completed the Registered Massage Therapy program at the Vancouver Career College located in Burnaby in 2016. His interest in massage therapy originated with being fascinated with anatomy and physiology along with the body’s amazing healing potential garnered through positive therapeutic touch. Massage therapy allows him to combine his affinity for people, interest in health and science education.

He will work to meet your treatment goals using his training. Training which includes: Joint Mobilization, Deep Tissue Massage, Muscle Energy Technique (MET), Swedish Massage, And Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

When he’s not working, Jonathan is usually enjoying the company of his wife and son. The whole family love to explore the beautiful province of British Columbia. He also revels in sports and has a fondness for all things basketball.

Ang aming therapist Jonathan Oaing ay nakakapagsalita ng Tagalog. Our therapist, Jonathan Oaing speaks Tagalog.

Gina Tallio, RMT

I strongly believe our bodies are amazing things. Capable of incredible feats in order to heal and function although at times it can need some assistance along the way in that healing process. My passion is being a part of that process, to bring about healing in as a holistic way as possible. The excitement of seeing the differences that are made after a massage treatment is what inspires me everyday and makes me love what I do even more.

In treatment, I’m passionate about helping restore balance and function by concentrating on everything from soft tissue or muscle problems to joint dysfunctions. My approach is that of holistic balance, I believe that everything is connected. When one part or piece is out of balance then things are brought out of balance everywhere as well. An important step in this process for me is the energy or intent brought into the treatment. Along with the treatment, I will send you with home care activities that can be worked into a busy daily schedule and be a good stepping stone on the road to healing that we have begun.

I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Vancouver Career College in 2016. Towards the end of my program I had conducted a case study in which I worked with a patient with early symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, to help maintain mobility and restore the some of lost fine motor movements in wrists and hands. My goals were to maintain function and postpone the signature deformities that occur with Rheumatoid Arthritis for as long as possible. In this time I have gained even a greater appreciation for the human body and it’s resilience.

A little bit about me, I am a complete bookworm who loves to be near or somewhere on the ocean. I have also recently caught the travel bug and am eager to see where that bug will take me in the world. When not in the treatment room you’d likely find me with my nose in a book on a beach or on the bow of a boat somewhere. After being involved in a choir for the first half of my life, music is also a big part of my life and being fairly eclectic in my taste in music, I find there’s a genre for every mood and situation.

Karen Grace, RMT

In 2015 I enrolled in the RMT program at Vancouver Career College (VCC) and graduated in 2017. I am passionate about athletics and especially enjoy long distance running. To date I have completed two full marathons and understand the difficulties of going through one’s daily routine with discomfort associated with motion.

For my clients I have two main treatment goals. The first is to provide relief from the cause of the discomfort and the second is to help the client understand the problem. This client centered treatment approach means that I will partner with you to find the treatment plan that works for you, and a homecare plan that will fit into your busy lifestyle.

In future I would like to continue studying the science of pain to better understand the interactions of the body and mind.

I have always lived on the West Coast and I couldn’t think of a better place to live. In my spare time I enjoy spending time at the ocean, cooking, being with friends and family, and of course travel.

Reza Hezrati, RMT

Reza treats his patients with the utmost care and strives to reduce pain and discomfort, while promoting wellness.

Before becoming a Massage Therapist, Reza worked as a family physician for 8 years. He worked hard in his studies as English is not his first language and knew that he had to go the extra mile to achieve his goals. After working in a spa environment for several years he is ready to use his knowledge and applying it into a rehabilitation setting. He is keen on using his knowledge and experience to give his patients the best possible care they need and deserve. He always puts his best foot forward and is great at making connections. He is resilient, caring, intelligent, and funny, among many other things.

Reza believes that with this wonderful experience and the education that he has garnered that he is able to assist patients with achieving their goals in their treatment. He enjoys using a variety of techniques to help assist patients in reaching their needs.

Leo Chen, RMT

Leo graduated in 2015 from the Registered Massage Therapy program at Vancouver Career College. During his time in school, he developed many skills and shared a genuine interest in myofascial techniques and joint mobilization techniques, which he now adapts to fit every patients’ needs specifically. He uses these varied approaches in a multi-disciplinary clinic to promote the recovery of each patient and to prolong the healing benefits that regular team-based maintenance can provide. With that being said, Leo is continuously expanding his repertoire of skills to treat a large variety of patients. His enthusiasm for learning has driven him to further his education by obtaining additional certifications in RockBlade IASTM techniques and soft tissue release techniques.

When Leo is not at work, he can be found spending quality time with his friends and family either walking around in the city or participating in fun activities. Along with his interest for the outdoors, Leo is an avid volleyball player and has a weakness for board games and the occasional video game. But no matter how hectic life can get, Leo will always make time for his motorcycle which is his favourite way to unwind.

Whatever your rehabilitation and health goals, the team at Esposito Massage looks forward to working with you!

Ananya Perry, Intern

Massage is my passion. I like to receive massage therapy from fellow RMTs and I always feel better after the treatment. This makes me believe that massage therapy is a benefit for everybody to help maintain their body. I am always happy to work with people to help them achieve their goals. All my past experience with massage and previous work as a caregiver helps to guide me in the massage profession.

With my practice I do a full assessment to create the perfect treatment plan to help my patient’s achieve their goals. I see my role as assisting my patients find that potential whether by improving function, decreasing pain, or reducing stress. I love the career that I have chosen to always try to do my best to support my patient’s needs.

I decided to pursue massage therapy after working as a community health worker. I enjoy learning and have always had an interest in the human body and how the various parts of the body work together.

Outside of work I enjoy taking care of animals and traveling with my family. I love to watch soccer games, and care for my family. I speak fluent Thai.

If you have any physical concerns let me be the one to help you get better.

Dylan Kim, Intern

Dylan believes that the role of a Registered Massage Therapist is to assist patients to improve their life while working to reduce pain or stress that they may be feeling. He is proud that massage therapy can help a person recovery from injury or reduce their pain from repetitive injuries while helping them lead a normal life.

He listens carefully to his patients to understand what their goals are and works with them to help achieve them. He carefully crafts individual treatment plans for his patient’s to help them meet their needs.

Dylan enjoys trying different food while balancing that with exercise. He enjoys spending time with his family and likes to play soccer with friends in his spare time. Dylan speaks fluent Korean and loves the career he has chosen.

Whatever your rehabilitation and health goals, the team at Esposito Massage looks forward to working with you!